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Who Qualifies for Affordable Housing in Massachusetts?

40B Qualifications

Living in Massachusetts is expensive. The state’s affordable housing law, Chapter 40B, was enacted in order to make at least 10 percent of housing in every community affordable.

In order to do that, the law allows developers to build affordable housing that devote somewhere between 20 to 25% of their units to low and moderate income families. These homes range from duplexes and condominiums to single family homes and townhouses.

Some developments were built for an older age demographic and are age-restricted which means you have to be at least 55 years of age and older. To findout where affordable properties are for sale visit our for sale page.

Who Qualifies for MA
Affordable Housing

Who qualifies for affordable housing in Massachusetts?  In order to be eligible to purchase an affordable housing unit, your income and assets must fall below certain limits, those limits will vary depending on your city or town.

You must also be a first-time homebuyer, although some exceptions exist. As part of your qualification, you must agree to a deed restriction.

That deed restriction describes the responsibilities you will have as an affordable unit owner. And, you must live in the home as your principal residence.

To determine your eligibility, you must complete an application with documentation provided to prove that you are eligible. You will also need to secure pre-approval from a mortgage lender.

Remember, income limits vary by area and by family size. If you are interested in a specific property it should indicate the specific income limit.

We’re Delphic Associates. We specialize in chapter 40B affordable housing in Massachusetts. Contact us for more information today!

For Sale

Mendon, MA – Brookview Estates

Mendon, MA – Brookview Estates

Brookview Estates | Mendon, MA A private developer and officials of the Town of Mendon have collaborated to provide this affordable housing opportunity in Mendon. The development will consist of 16 Townhouse duplex homes of which 4 will be designated as affordable....

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Bridgewater, MA – Duxburrow Estates

Bridgewater, MA – Duxburrow Estates

Duxburrow Estates - Bridgewater, MA A private developer, Duxburrow Estates, LLC and officials of the Town of Bridgewater have collaborated to provide this affordable housing opportunity in Bridgewater.  The development is situated on 70.5 acres of land off of Curve...

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Norwell, MA – Tiffany Hill

Norwell, MA – Tiffany Hill

      Tiffany Hill - Norwell, MA A private developer, Tiffany Hill, Inc. and officials of the Town of Norwell have collaborated to provide this affordable housing opportunity in Norwell.  The development is situated on 18.4 acres of land on Tiffany Road...

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