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Low Income Housing In


Low Income Housing in MA

Low Income Housing Options in MA – Affordable Housing Lotteries

Have you ever heard of the Comprehensive Permit Statute, Chapter 40B or the Anti-Snob Zoning Act? They’re one and the same and, they were created to encourage the construction of much-needed affordable housing options for low to moderate income families in MA.

Chapter 40B is perhaps the more well-known of these. Regardless, the law uses locally granted permits to address the statewide shortage of affordable housing. In other words, this law was created to encourage and increase the number of affordable homes for sale in Massachusetts.

 40B has been in place for decades to reduce the many and unnecessary barriers created by local and usually, more affluent communities. So what does this have to do with you?

Plenty! If you’re a moderate-income individual or are part of a moderate-income family, 40B  allows and assists developers to work with the Local Zoning Board of Appeals to build low-or moderate-income housing.

Have you heard about the Affordable Housing Lottery opportunities that may be out there to help you to buy an affordable home?  These lotteries are periodically scheduled depending on the number of available homes for sale.

The lotteries are held in cooperation with the local housing authority on a first-come-first-served basis.

If anyone in your household not owned a home within the last three years and can meet the income and asset limits with a credit score of not less than 660 you may well be qualified. Contact us at Delphic Associates today and let’s talk about it!

Affordable Homes Available in MA

Checkerberry Hill – Duxbury, MA

Checkerberry Hill – Duxbury, MA

MODERATE INCOME HOUSING LOTTERY – They will be sold at the initial sales price of $559,125. A private developer, Duxbury Lincoln, LLC and officials of the Town of Duxbury have collaborated to provide this moderate housing opportunity in Duxbury, MA.

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