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40B Housing

For moderate income families

40B Housing in Massachusetts for Moderate Income Families

40B Housing for Moderate Income Families

The cost of living is high and, getting higher. Housing costs have priced many low to moderate-income individuals and families out of the market.

Perhaps now, more than ever, those with a moderate-income in Massachusetts need access to available housing that’s also affordable. In Massachusetts, Chapter 40B helps to assure moderate-income individuals and families the access they need to affordable housing.

40B is also helpful because it works within and around a community’s development regulations and guidelines. Right now, the demand for affordable homes and rental units exceeds the supply.

However, qualified buyers are very fortunate to still be able to own their own home. That very same home would cost much more than their budget could bear were it not for Chapter 40B.

So, with this in mind, we recommend and encourage low to moderate-income individuals and families, whose income qualifies them to buy or rent affordable market-rate housing, to enter a 40B lottery. The 40B Housing Lottery is one-way qualified buyers in search of affordable housing can have an opportunity to get a house that fits their budget.

Preferred Applicants for 40B Housing

The 40B Housing Lottery has preferred qualifications which, for example, may include proof of residency that one or more members of a household are residing in the selected city or town at the time of application. We’re Delphic Associates, a real estate development and consulting firm with over 30 years of experience.

We specialize in affordable housing and can help you, whether buyer or builder, with the ins and outs of 40B. Contact Delphic Associates for more information today!

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